Nishimachi Quilt

Quilt Committee

Co-chair - Emily Okada
Co-chair - Kazumi Egawa


This year's stunning quilt was made by an extraordinary team of Nishimachi parents.

● The exquisite silks were hand picked from thousands of antique kimonos or donated by the Nishimachi community.

● This patchwork style, handmade quilt took dozens of people more than 10 months to make.

● The pattern was inspired by Japanese fans. Each person in the team was able to make their own fan, influenced by their personal experiences in Japan.

● Special thank you to everyone below who helped to make this one-of-a-kind artwork truly unique:

❖ Reiko Aikawa 1T
❖ Mina Fujita Bessho 1F
❖ Kazumi Egawa 1T
❖ Yuko Grouse 3S 5P
❖ Junko Ishiyama 4T
❖ Sayaka Kaneko 3P
❖ Misato Kawada 1F
❖ Wendy Kobayashi 7
❖ Alice Lee KY
❖ Mayumi Lee 1T
❖ Stephanie Lee 1H 1T
❖ Emily Okada 1T
❖ Amanda Okamoto 5R
❖ Megumi Roberts 1H
❖ Noriko Sakai 1H 5R
❖ Motomi Shimozawa 1H
❖ Eri Suzuki 1H
❖ Yasuko Suzuki 1T
❖ Nami Takamoto 1T 4T
❖ Chihiro Takanabe 1H 3S 5P
❖ Junko Terui 5P