Nishimachi has opened many great opportunities for me and my future. I came in seventh grade, and as soon as I stepped in the Nishimachi courtyard, the smiles on teachers, the eagerness of students, and the kind gestures of parents made it comfortable and easy for me to adjust with the new surroundings. Nishimachi instantly became my second home, and I am glad that I decided to come to this school.
Leonard '06

This scholarship program has benefited me in so many ways. It has given me so many opportunities, that otherwise I could not have experienced. This program has first greatly improved my English abilities and responsible thinking, helped me venture out and try new things like joining the basketball team, and has advanced my Japanese skills.
Reetta '06

Being in Nishimachi even for one year is the chance in a lifetime, and I would never miss it for the world. In history, I have learned about the world more than I ever imagined, yet it seems that I still want to learn more.
Ninda '08

Being enrolled at Nishimachi has been a privilege and an honor. I was able to take advantage of the numerous opportunities the school provided, and I would like to thank the school for allowing me to do so. Aside from the academic courses, Nishimachi’s fine arts courses were also significant in helping me develop to a more complete individual. I discovered my passion for athletics and sports, primarily running/track and basketball, and I had the opportunity to develop them with Nishimachi’s sports teams.
Antonio '11

It has already been three years. Nishimachi has taught me a lot about life: the importance of friends, the procedure to become a better young adult, and the importance of yourself as an individual. I am confident to go to the next school because Nishimachi has taught me the importance of “being myself” and not to be scared of what other people think of you.
Emily '11

Nishimachi was the place I considered to be my “second home”, “my foster family”. It was where all my friends were, where all the fun activities happened, and where I had the most fun.
Vitaly '11

If I can describe Nishimachi in one sentence, I would say it is a place where great opportunities and chances are given to everyone.
Reiniel '13

Nishimachi may be a small school, but it is full of people with the biggest and warmest hearts.
Sharmaine '13

The opportunity to attend Nishimachi is a once in a lifetime gift. The memories that came along was because of the teachers who gave up their time to teach us various subjects, the classmates who had fun while learning, and the ones who made all this possible. This gift I hold in my heart will always be there and will never be forgotten. Thank you, Nishimachi.
Aneeqa '13

My stay at Nishimachi was not the longest, but perhaps my most life-changing experience. The Outreach Scholarship program has helped me develop unique language skills and has opened so many opportunities for me.
Jaimee '13

Before coming to Nishimachi, my view of the world was small because I wasn’t in a diverse community. Since Nishimachi has a diverse community, I was able to open my eyes and see and interact with different people, cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and perspectives. This enabled me to think and see things around me differently. After three years and two months of experiencing Nishimachi, I’ve learnt so much – not just about others, but about myself as well.
Ayana '15

I believe that having a great education is the key to success. Being one of the recipients of the Outreach Scholarship Program grant has been a great honour. The educational benefit that I received has made a big difference and had an impact on me as a student, which I know will lead me to a brighter future.
Chloe '16

I lived in the US during my elementary school years, where I made friends and enjoyed learning in the public school system. However, when I moved to Japan, I had to go to a Japanese public school. I did not know any Japanese at the time and was quite shy, so I struggled in that environment. I just waited every day for school to be over and couldn’t wait to go home. I had a Japanese tutor, who tried to teach me Japanese. Although I learned some, I felt that I was learning at a sickeningly slow rate and could not participate in classroom activities.
I will never forget my time here at Nishimachi, and I can only thank the Outreach Scholarship Program for giving me this opportunity. Without the scholarship, I worry that I would have looked for another solution to my academic problems and would never have found Nishimachi and become the person I am today.
Ciaran '16

Nishimachi International School
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A well-recognized, independent, and coeducational K-9 international school in central Tokyo.

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