Grades 1-5

Application Timing for Gr. 1-5

  • Applications for the next school year can be submitted starting November of the previous year.
  • All applications will be reviewed from late January.

Admissions Screening

  • All applicants will be screened and evaluated for proficiency in English and grade-level Mathematics to ensure the child’s success at Nishimachi.
  • All applicants for Grades 1-5 must have grade-level English in reading, writing, speaking and comprehension as there is no ESL program at Nishimachi.
  • Gr. 1 & 2 applicants are required to be screened in-person at our campus.
  • Screening results will be sent to parents no later than 2 weeks after the screening.

Class Placement

  • Applicants for Gr. 2-5 are usually placed with the children of their own age, although each child is evaluated before final determination is made.
  • All students at Nishimachi study Japanese, either as a first or second language, 45-60 minutes a day. First-language students typically are children who have at least one Japanese parent and have lived in Japan since birth.
  • Each enrolling child will be evaluated for Japanese class placement. Please note that children who have attended a Japanese kindergarten (nursery school or elementary school) are not automatically assigned to a first-language class.

How to apply

Apply Online
Once you start the Online Application process, you can always freely stop and return to finish at a later time by saving your progress. Supporting Documents listed below can also be submitted online. To start the Online Application, please click below.
Online Application Form

Required Supporting Documents:

  1. Report Cards from the past 2 full school years
  2. 1 Confidential Student Reference Form (must be sent directly to the admissions office from applicant's most recent teacher)
  3. Standardized Test results if available (such as ERB, IOWA, MAP Test)
  4. Applicant's copy of birth certificate or passport
  5. A family photo (snap shot is acceptable)
  6. Application fee of ¥20,000 (Non-refundable) (Bank transfer receipt or check made payable to Nishimachi International School)

If you need to apply by paper, please contact the admissions office at Please make sure that you also send us the Supporting Documents listed above along with the Application Form. A passport-sized photo is required to attach.


Accepting Gr. 5-9 Applications for 2017-2018

Admission Process


Phone / Email /
Open Campus in Sept/Feb

Submit Documents

beginning November

Screening & Parents' Interview

beginning February


usually within one week
after screening and
parents' interview

Bank Transfer Information

Resona Bank Azabu Branch
Ordinary (Futsu) #0496493
Nishimachi International School

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A well-recognized, independent, and coeducational K-9 international school in central Tokyo.

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