First Semester 2016-2017

The Environment

Bottle Caps

  • Students collect bottle tops all through the year for UNICEF, a project with a double goal: (1) to provide immunizations for children in other countries and (2) to reduce litter.

Textile Recycling

  • Students are considering a textile recycling program with retailer H&M to keep textiles from going into landfill.

The WWF program

  • WWF Japan hosts a picture book contest every year. Representatives from the WWF visit the school and talk to elementary school students (in their Japanese classes) about preservation of the natural environment, pollution, and so on. Students create picture books related to the issues they have studied and submit them to the WWF. Using their Japanese communicative skills, they must come up with a clear explanation of a problem and propose workable solutions—in book form. This year there were 84 entries (either group or individual efforts) from five international schools in Tokyo. NIS students won a number of awards.

The Community, Local and Global

Helping the Homeless in Shibuya

  • The homeless in Tokyo need food, clothing, water, and toiletries. Under the auspices of the Franciscan Chapel Center, students prepare individual care packages and get up early to be in Shibuya by 5:00 a.m. to make deliveries (under the supervision of their teachers). The response was overwhelming as community members contributed bottled water and unused shampoo, soap, and razor blades. The unsold food from the school’s annual food fair was distributed to the homeless as well.

Orphans in Japan

  • Students shared Halloween candy with a group of orphans in Chiba.

Orphans in Cambodia

  • Students organized and sold friendship bracelets for the benefit of a group of orphans in Cambodia.

The Elderly

  • Elderly people in a care facility nearby love having young people come and talk with them. Nishimachi students take samples of calligraphy they have produced in class and “show and tell” with the elderly residents.

Kirivorn School in Cambodia

  • Nishimachi has sponsored the Kirivorn School in Cambodia since 2001. This school needs school supplies in addition to funds to cover running expenses and upkeep. Nishimachi students are always quick to step in.
  • Funds raised from Halloween games this year, for example, were contributed to the Kirivorn fund.
  • A number of Nishimachi families on holiday in Cambodia have recently visited the Kirivorn School. It’s an opportunity for family education.

Victims of Disaster

Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, 2011

  • The exchange program between Nishimachi International School and Shizugawa Junior High School in Minamisanriku-cho has become an annual event.
  • The students in grade 8 have organized a clothing drive for the past 5 years. More than 1000 boxes were sent to Ofunato and Rikuzen Takatata in Iwate-ken last November.
  • A bake sale was held in November to raise funds toward the purchase of New Year’s treats for those in need in the earthquake tsunami-affected areas.
  • Nishimachi helped O.G.A. for Aid’s annual holiday party in early December for survivors of the Tohoku disaster, more than 5 years on, with school representatives arriving with gifts and hand-made cards for the children.

Animal Welfare

Towels for Shelters

  • A local dog shelter needed towels and blankets. A drop box was created, the word went out, and donations rolled in.

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