Curriculum and Learning

Learning at Nishimachi provides rigorous, coherent and relevant learning for all students at every grade level and in every subject. Curricular expectations and outcomes are regularly reviewed to meet our mission and to provide a quality learning program for students. 

Understanding by Design

Nishimachi's core curriculum follows "understanding by design" principles which focus on teaching and learning for deep understanding. 

“Understanding by design” is a curriculum framework that draws upon the following principles:

  1. The end goal for learning is student understanding and the ability to transfer learnings. Deeper concepts for each discipline are important for students to absorb and master. These ideas extend beyond the classroom setting and apply to a life of learning.
  2. Curriculum design, assessment, and instruction is desiged to foster deep understanding through stimulating, rewarding, learning experiences for students.

Learning Experiences

At every grade level, students are at the center of all learning at Nishimachi. Students engage in a variety of inquiry-based student-centered activities and learn through interaction with others. They are expected to be active participants of their learning and growth. Classroom approaches to learning include individual and pair work, small group work, and whole class teaching. Technology, such as laptops and iPads, are used in meaningful contexts, with students using technology as a tool to foster their learning. Students reflect on their learning through self-assessments and peer feedback. 

Learning is viewed as a process where every stage is important. Individual student needs are monitored and sensitively met. The program is calibrated to respond to different learning styles and requirements, as reflected by the student's gender, age, and interests. Students are supported and challenged in their learning and develop strong relationships in a rigorous and relevant learning environment.  


Nishimachi International School
2-14-7 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046 Japan Tel: +81- (0)3-3451-5520

A well-recognized, independent, and coeducational K-9 international school in central Tokyo.

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