Dress Code

The dress code is designed to respect the student's need to express their identities as well as to uphold the school's requirement that a student's appearance be neat, clean and socially appropriate.

Students are not permitted to wear:

  • Hats, baseball caps, hoods, or sunglasses in classrooms;
  • Clothing imprinted with slang, offensive or bad language or sexual innuendo; messages relating to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco;
  • Ragged or purposely torn clothing;
  • Revealing clothing;
  • Hemlines that are above the fingertips when arms are at the side. Midriffs, spaghetti or thin straps. Leggings without shorts, skirts or a dress over them;
  • For reasons of safety, footwear without a strap around the heel, platform or high-heeled footwear;
  • Make-up and jewelry for elementary students;
  • Excessive make-up and jewelry for middle school students;
  • Body piercings; and
  • Inappropriate shorts, skirts, and other clothing.

Special Dress Code

Nishimachi students are required to follow the special dress code for formal occasions, including concerts or performances.


    • Dress slacks/trousers
    • Dress shirts that button completely down the front
    • Shoes other than athletic shoes


    • Skirts and blouses,
    • dresses, or appropriate dress slacks
    • Shoes other than athletic shoes

P.E. Uniform

All students are required to wear the official school PE uniform. Sports shoes are to be used exclusively in the gym and during P.E classes. 


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