Disaster Preparedness

Prepare for Major Disaster

Parents and students should make themselves aware of the school's emergency procedures. Discussing emergency plans as a family is important to helping every family member feel prepared.


If a severe earthquake occurs during school hours, it will be impossible for children to return home immediately since one or more of the following conditions will likely exist:

  • Transportation will be disrupted and roads blocked.
  • Telephone communication will be heavily burdened and disrupted. In some areas, only emergency calls will have priority.
  • Water and fuel supplies will be disrupted.

Evacuation Plans

Nishimachi has two plans, depending on the amount of damage to the school campus. Please note that school will not contact parents immediately after an earthquake.

1. When we are able to remain at school.

    • Children will not be sent home but will remain under the supervision of school employees until picked up by a parent or designated adult. Siblings may not act as designated adults.
    • First aid and emergency supplies are available on campus.

2. When we must evacuate the school and go to Arisugawa Park. (Arisugawa Park is the designated evacuation site for the school area.)

    • Children will not be sent home but will be evacuated from the school to Arisugawa Park under the supervision of school employees.
    • Arisugawa Park will be the pickup point for parents or designated adults. Siblings may not act as designated adults.

It is important to consider what to do if an earthquake occurs while a student is in transit to or from school. The following suggestions may be helpful:

  • If trains or buses are stopped, students must follow the instructions of drivers or train officials.
  • If a student does not speak Japanese well, it is best to follow the majority to a place of refuge.
  • Students who walk or use public transport should study a map of their route with their parents and note designated "places of refuge."
  • Family members should agree to meet eventually at home or at the evacuation area nearest home.
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